About us

This blog has been established as a forum for students on the UCL African Studies MSc/MA degree program (and for students on related UCL courses) to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions so as to engage with the broader African Studies community.

UCL African Studies is committed to providing a dynamic interactive environment for its students with avenues for interaction both within and beyond the classroom. Students are encouraged to attend and critically engage with the broader African Studies intellectual program, including seminars, lectures, conferences and workshops. This blog provides one space in which this engagement is enabled. The blog also offers an opportunity for students to hone their critical writing skills and to expand their academic publishing careers.

We are keen to receive thoughtful pieces from UCL students on matters concerning African Studies. These pieces may review recent lectures or presentations, or recently read works. They may be comments on contemporary events or the media, or on personal experiences. Constructive responses to previous posts are also possible. Please do think about writing something for us!

The blog is currently managed by Dr Matthew Davies and please do contact him for submissions or any further information: matt.davies@ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that the comments and views contained within this blog represent the personal opinions of students and do not in anyway reflect the official perspectives of UCL or UCL African Studies. 


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